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I brought the first poodle in 1985. It was brown female dwarf poodle Arinka without pedigree, she had been living together with us for ten years. In 1994 I brought to our brown female a new friend - female with pedigree, white dwarf poodle Queen Jantarový třpyt.

In the year 1995 our brown female died. I was thinking about next brown female and at that time there was just a covered female in Liberec. So in January 1996 I took home Brown Hessy z Libereckého zámku. I had a feeling, that two poodles are enough, because I have big dogs in the garden as well, but it couldn’t be born in 2002 in my breed Glorie. Of course she stayed at home and expanded my kennel of poodles for three.

It could be the end of my story about us, but in January 2006 went our Qunka to the dog heaven and my Glorie was covered at that time, and so after born of the puppies completed our kennel for three Hestia Brown Neraka.

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