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I wanted to try agility already longer time. When Hestia was born in my breed and stayed at home, it was decided. Hestia (Týna) was very vital already like a small puppy and she was still full of energy. One day I saw a brouchure on the vet with the invitation for the course of beginners and I went there to see it. I payed the course and Tyna and me got on agility immediately. >Now after the end of the course, I am a member and we will get more and more experience. It is very funny for us, at this time we are on the beginning, but we will try to work oneself up to the top into the future.

Agility Agility Agility
Agility Agility Agility

It is over a year, when we have started to put brain to agility together with Tyna and we both enjoy it a lot. It was five months from our beginning with agility and we tried unofficial competition, where we were placed on the beautiful first place. After graduation on the next unofficial competitons, everytime with very nice result, we have decided to try official competiton. Tyna is very smart and clever poodle, like every poodle is and if I don´t do any mistake, we have very nice results. Because of that we completed after four competitions move to the higher class A2. We stayed some time in a class A1, in order to we could improve and be faster. For the move to the class A2 I have decided after two days competition in Mlada Boleslav in July 2008, which succeed far better than expected, from six runs one disqualification and five „clear“ runs with very nice placeing. You can see our results in the section News.

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